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Leather Serving Tray 16" x 8"

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This elegant serving tray is a luxurious addition to your living room, bar cart, or any table in the house.


This beautiful leather-covered tray is perfect for display or use. It also looks great on a coffee table or in the bar serving drinks.

With its soft rounded edges, full-grain vegetable-tanned cow leather sourced from Paraguay, and a hand-stitch finish.

This serving tray looks great both as an accessory on a side table and when serving drinks.

This leather good is designed to reflect the natural beauty of the Paraguayan landscape and tell the powerful story of the Macchi students. It is handmade with vegetable-tanned leather by artisans from Tobatí. The leather is treated exclusively with organic ingredients (tannic acids, vegetable oil), which give the goods a natural glow and allow them to soften and strengthen over time. No chemicals are used in the tanning process, and the slight imperfections of the hide are embraced to add life to the goods. Because of this, no two items ever look the same.

Made in Paraguay.

Dimensions & Care

Conditioning: To improve the quality, tone, and feel of the leather, condition twice a year or as needed by applying Vasoline to a microfiber glove or cloth and massaging it evenly onto the leather. Bati's vegetable-tanned leather absorbs moisture and natural oils and takes on a darker, richer tone afterward. Conditioning is a great way to blend together the various marks and imperfections of the leather and bring out the natural patina.

Liquids: Bati leather can get wet! Our leather is treated with organic ingredients that make it water-resistant. Before making the goods, we actually wet the hide with a sponge and stretch the leather out to make it softer. So don't worry if the leather gets wet, just let it dry out. Condition the leather from time to time after exposure to water.

Spills & Stains: Bati leather is durable and tough to stain. Stains appear more prominently in lighter leather colors. Treat stains promptly with a damp cloth and wipe clean. If treated quickly, most spills will not leave a stain. If marks or stains do persist, soak a sponge in lemon juice and rub the affected area with force. After cleaning, you can condition the stain and the surrounding area to even out the tone.

16" L x 8" W x 1.5" H

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