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About Tent New York

More than a place to contain things, home is a collection of experiences.

Born from months of hunkering down in quarantine at his house in the Hudson Valley and his talent for sourcing items from around the world for clients and himself, Darren Henault longed to bring to the outside world what made being at home special to him.

Our Story

Darren Henault, founder of Tent, has spent the last 30 years as an interior designer. To him, decorating houses has always been more about the emotional and less about a clearly defined style. In his work, he doesn’t just fill a room with stuff; he fills it with light, texture, quality, form and mood.

His home in Millbrook, New York embodies them all and serves as his muse for Tent. He’s obsessed with how every stitch and object will be experienced by his friends and family.

Creating Memories

It’s not the things themselves but the physical marks left behind that create indelible memories—a friend’s lipstick stain on a wine glass at the end of a raucous evening or the indentations left by his daughters' bodies on the sofa after reading a favorite book or playing a game.

The imperfections are evidence of a life well-lived and give objects their humanity.

Meet Darren

Endlessly curious, Darren geeks out over how things are made and the person behind the item—like the Italian craftsman whose family has been turning wooden legs for centuries—and loves it when old techniques can be applied to modern objects, elevating the mundane.

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