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Bespoke Upholstery

Tent is proud to be the only retailer to offer bespoke upholstery using fabrics from three of the most respected textile houses in the world: Rogers & Goffigon, Holland & Sherry and Bennison. 

Rogers & Goffigon produces impeccable home furnishing fabrics in pure natural fibers. Their designs are inspired by historic textiles and patterns found in nature, and manufactured on age old, family-owned European looms. 

Holland & Sherry has specialized in the finest textiles on Savile Row since the nineteenth century. Taking inspiration from these traditional apparel fabrics, their textiles are defined by excellence and rooted in heritage.

Bennison specializes in hand-printed fabrics based on 18th and 19th Century English and French textiles, selected by renowned antique dealer and decorator, Geoffrey Bennison. These are created in England on linens and silks woven and dyed exclusively for the brand.

Norfolk Sofa from $11,355.00
Norfolk Chair from $7,590.00
Millbrook Sofa from $11,350.00
Mercantile Sofa from $12,515.00
Hudson Sofa from $10,190.00
Rhinebeck Sofa from $13,080.00
Millbrook Chair from $7,020.00
Mercantile Chair from $6,150.00
Hudson Chair from $6,425.00
Rhinebeck Chair from $9,630.00
Lakeville Chair from $7,525.00
Lafayette Bench from $6,695.00

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