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Large Japanese Glazed Porcelain Miniature Pots

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Hand thrown miniature pots handcrafted by artist Yuta Segawa.

About the Artist

Yuta Segawa
Born in 1988, Shizuoka, Japan
Lives and works in London

YutaSegawa is a Japanese ceramic artist specialising in producing miniature pottery. He learned advanced ceramic skills in Japan and China and developed it into techniques of miniature pots in London. All miniature pots are thrown individually by hand and he use more than five hundred original glazes he made. Miniature pottery relates to the issue of the relationship between artists’ bodies and their works. It is a challenge to test the limits of what a human body can make on such a small scale.


Green & Yellow          3.5” H x 2” W
Cobalt Round             3” H x 3” W
Cobalt Single Bud      3” H x 2” W

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