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North American Bird Call Box, Set of 6

North American Bird Call Box, Set of 6.


Ever since he was a child, French nature enthusiast François Morel has been crafting bird calls with the utmost appreciation of nature's living creatures. It is, as he says, "a first step in understanding the secret of happiness." Monsieur Morel now oversees Quelle est Belle, a small French workshop that makes these whimsical bird calls by hand.

Each one is designed to replicate bird-specific calls and song patterns and help you recognize them in nature, enabling you to communicate, observe and appreciate the beauty of each call. The mimicking starling can imitate the chirps of up to 20 different species of birds.

This box set includes bird calls for the black capped chickadee, the American robin, the golden plover, the long billed curlew, the mourning dove and the black billed cuckoo.

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