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Master Shin #58 Paring Knife

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Known for its brass, stone, and iron implements, the city of Anseong in South Korea produces an array of beautifully crafted kitchen knives.

Details and Dimensions

As an award-winning artisan and treasured cultural figure, Master Shin In-young produces superior handmade knives and farming tools in South Korea. Under his tutelage, this ancient tradition of craftsmanship is being shared and continued through new generations.

Known for its top-quality enamelware produced in a carbon-neutral facility, a 40-step handmade process to manufacture each product. The result is a long-lasting, non-reactive, anti-bacterial, cut, and scratch-resistant product.

Handle Chestnut or oak wood, shade-dried for years to achieve the correct weight, stability, and water resistance.

Blade: Made from the strong steel used for railroad tracks.

Hand-made in South Korea.

Overall Length: 7.25"

Handle 4.33"

Blase: 2.75"

Blade at widest point: 1.25"

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