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Match Pewter Lugano Square Frame

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Lugano Square Frame.

Details & Dimensions

Match frames are meant to enhance, not upstage, the photographs or other remembrances held within. Each collection was purposely designed to effortlessly display with the others, as we strongly encourage mixing different styles and shapes in your home or office.

Each frame is stamped with hallmarks representing our workshop, our company, the tin content of our alloy, and the region of Italy where our pieces are made.

Italian pewter frame designed for cherished moments or the loved ones they hold. The rich tones of Italian pewter cast a warm glow on their subjects while making a handsome addition to any desk, table, or mantel.

All designs are rooted in classic European forms from the 14th through 19th centuries; many are cast from molds made from original antiques. Pewter is an elegant chameleon that can effortlessly harmonize with its surroundings, whether casual or formal, traditional or modern. Made using a lead-free alloy of tin, copper, and antimony that is FDA approved and food safe.

Small 4.7"

Large 6.3"

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