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Gold Farrier's Cuff Bracelet

Our unique gold farrier's cuff bracelet is based on the nails used to shoe a horse. We've created is as an open cuff in 18K gold.  

Stack them!


Darren Henault chose Millbrook, New York as his family’s country home because they all love to ride horses. And in his work around the world as an interior designer, he is surrounded by craftspeople who deftly manipulate materials into beautiful, finished pieces.

He combined his love and admiration of the two into a bracelet inspired by a farrier’s nail (used to shoe horses) and made of 18 karat gold.

It comes in one size, but because of the material it can gently be pulled apart to be made bigger or squeezed slightly to fit a smaller wrist. Darren invites shoppers to customize their pieces with stones to make them a little more fabulous. 

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